8 Seconds

from now, I predict, you will be deciding whether to leave this site or stay.
Statistics say I have 10 seconds to convince that you I'm going

to answer six essential questions

for you. That is 8 Seconds, and if I've done my job right, no more than 2 seconds for the page to load.

Who , What , Where , When , Why , How

The need to answer, in whole or in part, those same 6 fundamental questions is shared by all web sites. There are Six Answers your guests will come asking, and Six Answers you must ask yourself before you ever create a site.


are you?

This is an important question to answer for your visitors. This is not where you post bios, personal pictures, and cute images from your past or present. This is ALL about what qualifies you to address their needs. ... Who are 'SixAnswers'? ...


can you offer?

Plain and simple, do you have what I need? Everything from information and reliability, to product and cost. Your great savings, your rare offerings, or your high quality must jump right out at them, without hitting them over the head with your sales pitch. ... What can SixAnswers offer you? ...


can I find my answers?

Your navigation must be clear, and concise. If people arrived at your site through a web search then congatulations on your good choice of keywords... but it has done you no good if its easier to hit the back button and look at the next result than it is to find what you promised them on your site. ... Where can you find answers? ...


can I expect results?

Whether you are offering work, information, or a product... you need to make it clear when your visitor can expect what they are after. Never saying 'no' is great in theory, but get a reputation for not delivering on time and you will soon find yourself with no one to say 'yes' to. ... When can you expect results? ...

You need Six Answers before you create a website. Find out what they are.


should I choose you?

This should be an obvious one. Very few individuals or companies can offer something no one else can. The rest of us 99.9999% need to make it clear why what we have is better than what the 'other guy' has. Even if you are just offering information, why should they trust your claims? ... Why should you choose us? ...


can I contact you?

If your visitor wants to contact you, you need to make it as simple as possible, and offer multiple possibilities. Some clients prefer email for a quick no comittment inquiry. Other clients prefer a quick direct call. Make yourself available, or someone else will be available for your client. ... How can you contact us? ...